Hormone Replacing Therapy

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As we age, our body’s production of Hormones decreases year after year (80% from age 20 by age 60). As this hormone decline happens, our general, overall health and immune system begins to decline. We lack the prowess and sex drive we once had and we get fatigued easier.

As a result of this hormone decline, our immune system also begins to weaken, which unfortunately allows us to be susceptible to many illnesses, including auto immune and other diseases. Also, as a result of hormone decline many people simply don’t feel well, although they are not clinically diagnosed as having a particular condition.

Hormone replacing therapy has clearly been shown to offset hormone decline and make people feel better and function in a higher capacity, improve the immune system and overall general health.

Many years of research and practice have shown that by using hormone replacing therapy men and woman will be able to maintain a youthful state of health and liveliness; that they do have control over the aging process, and the solution is accessible and available.
Just imagine being able to age with the health and vigor you’ve dreamed of.

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Dr Natasha Fuksina